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A leader in the fight against cancer in SA, since 1931, the purpose of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), is to offer a unique, integrated service to the public and to all people affected by cancer.

It’s mission is to be the preferred non-profit leader that enables research with regards to lowering cancer risk, educating the public regarding symptoms, screening and risk reduction, and providing care and support to all people affected by cancer.

CHOC is the only organisation in South Africa that provides comprehensive countrywide support for children with cancer, life-threatening blood disorders and their families. We have a national office in Johannesburg, six regional offices, one branch, and 12 accommodation facilities close to treatment centres.

LIV Village
The LIV model is long term cluster foster care, where children have a sense of belonging in a supportive community, modelling an African village lifestyle. We place orphaned and vulnerable children into a family environment with a trained foster mother to love them, a school to educate them, and where they receive spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing.

Surfers Not Streets
Surfers Not Street Children is a direct response to the phenomenon of child homelessness. Our dedicated team have been working on the rights of streets children in South Africa for over 25 years. It works with both street children and children at risk of street connectedness in Durban. In Tofo, Mozambique, it works with children at risk. 

Feed A Child
Feed a Child’s vision is to eradicate poverty in a sustainable manner and to take God’s hope to the nations.

As a National Body we assist other NGO’s to not only be as effective as possible, but also to become sustainable and economically active.
Feed a Child currently has an impact on the lives of approximately 10 000 people on a regular basis.  Feed a Child has many projects and is currently delivering more than 2,000,000 meals per annum to children throughout South Africa.  It is estimated that almost 10% of the South African population are children of no particular culture or ethical group, living below the poverty line and in circumstances beyond their control.

The iCare mission is to be the leading organisation that solves the problems of street children in South Africa. To do this through Christian Faith and by understanding and addressing every aspect of each child’s needs, grow sustainably, and to partner with the authorities and like-minded organisations.
The ultimate vision is a better South Africa where children do not live on the streets.

African Wildlife Vets
African Wildlife Vets is a non-profit organisation with the primary aim of assisting wildlife organisations with the conservation of threatened species by providing essential supplementary veterinary support.

Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary
Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary is located on a beautiful game reserve in the heartland of Mpumalanga, South Africa. Set up as a treatment and care centre where they can tend to injured or orphaned animals until they are well enough to be rehabilitated into the wild.

Petronel Nieuwoudt, the founder of Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC, is one of the few people worldwide who has specialised in the care of orphaned and injured rhinos, and her passion is truly inspiring.

Over the years, Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary has grown to be the largest rhino sanctuary and orphanage in the world. This has been made possible through hard work, trust, dedication, and good partnerships.


ELEVATE is a SARS-approved Non-Profit that has partnered with South Africa’s biggest NGOs.


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